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Guide to Improving Your Cell Phone's Poor Signal Reception

Your Guide to Improving Your Signal Reception
Poor signal reception is an issue that is faced by almost all the mobile phone subscribers out there. Network companies have failed to solve this problem due to various reasons. Some end up installing more towers but to no avail, while some prefer to stay silent over the issue.

There are many cellular companies opening up on a regular basis in every part of the world, but none has been able to truly satisfy subscribers. In the US alone, there are over fifty (50) wireless service providers operating. The companies might have failed to leave their customers satisfied, but this article will surely guide you on how to get rid of the signal issues that you have been facing so often.

Let us clear both the 'Why' and 'How' questions here. So, why are people facing poor signal reception? There are many causes. Some of the major causes and solutions for poor signal receptions are:

Poor Network Coverage
Sometimes, the network is indeed the real culprit. Due to the availability of so many networks operating, people often get confused about which one to go for. Some prefer the cost, while some go for the quality, but you don't always get what you are promised.

Solution: Visit your service provider's help center and tell them about the problem. It might just be a small bug that they might be able to fix. You can also try switching to a different service provider in your area, but before doing so, check how its performance is. Performance also differs based on the geographical region. This implies that if one thing works well in New York, it might not necessarily work that well in Florida and a signal booster may be best solution.

Issues with Phone
Blaming the service provider is the easiest way out, but not always the right thing to do. When you are a victim of poor signals, it is not always the service provider's fault. The chances are that something might be wrong with your phone. Hardware or a software issues can cause poor signal reception. In order to improve your signal reception, make sure your phone has all the updated software, a properly charged battery, and a rightly fitted SIM.

Solution: It is recommended to visit a mobile phone repair shop and get your phone checked for any possible malfunctions.

The Atmosphere
From weather conditions to environmental pollution, the atmosphere consists of everything around you. Even the furniture and fittings installed in your room make up the atmosphere of your room. Poor weather conditions, congested buildings and the presence of certain harmful materials can also cause poor signal reception.

Solution: In each situation, installing a signal boosters really helps. This will help attract stronger signals and send them to your cell phone. This is a new service that works on almost all kinds of cell phones. It is now widely being used and appreciated by a large number of cellular subscribers.

These are the most common reasons for poor signal reception, with their solution. Hopefully you'll enjoy better signal reception by utilizing the solution given above.

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