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Methods to Improve the Life of BlackBerry Batteries

One thing that most people are trying to accomplish is to extend the life of the BlackBerry batteries so that they don't have to charge them frequently. There are some simple steps that you can make use of to increase the life of the batteries.

These methods allow you to use your phone for up to 1.5 days without being charged and these kind of long life in rare in smartphones. For instance to improve the performance of the battery, you can change the brightness levels of the backlight and set it to a lower setting which allows you to view the screen and at the same time are not too bright.

Always make sure that you make use of a magnetic sleep holster for putting the device in standby mode when they are not being used. Storing your phone in the holster as often as possible is also advised to increase the battery time.

You can also choose to enable the auto ON/ OFF which will switch off your phone before you go to bed and turn it back on next morning. This feature can be handy because you don't have to keep reminding yourself to switch off the cell as it automatically does the job and is switched on by itself.

Some other simple measures to preserve the life of batteries includes switching off the Bluetooth when they are not in use especially because they tend to drain the battery when kept switched on even if they are not in use.

Even keeping your Wi-Fi off when they are not in use could help you save the battery life as these usually tend to continually drain the battery and is in a constant attempt to connect to a network or trying to get new data when kept on.

Some people also hard reset their phone when they feel that their phone has too much stuff or unwanted content that they wish to clear off and have a fresh start.

Charging the battery one regular and timely basis is also an important aspect of preserving the battery life.

Keeping volume at reduced levels is also advised as you really don't require a higher volume unless you have any kind of hearing problem. Did you know that making use of headphones while listening to music on the phone can save the life of your batteries?

Yes, it does and many people have found this useful especially when they are frequent listeners of music.

You can also choose to switch off the equalizer although it wouldn't have much of an effect on the power saving feature.

Even while using your smartphone to browse websites, make sure that you turn off the repeat animations to lower setting as this can be greatly useful in saving the power of BlackBerry batteries a greater extend.

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