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Twitter Features On The iPhone 4S Add To The Appeal Of This Model

When the new iPhone 4S was launched in 2011 the new model boasted a number of improvements over its predecessor. One of the big changes that attracted many users to this device was the integration of social networking site Twitter into the phones operating system. It now seems that more people than ever are picking up there mobile phone to send a Tweet or simply to check what is happening in the world around them.

Recently one of the biggest sporting events in the world was broadcast live on television. Millions of fans across the world tuned in to watch the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, American Footballs show piece event. What is even more surprising is that during this game Twitter achieved a new record for Tweets posted per second. During the final three minutes of this game there was an average of ten thousand Tweets per second. This is because many people now own device such as the iPhone 4S which allows people to quickly post data without needing to switch on a laptop computer or even leave their chair in front of the television. Recent statistics show that 43% of Twitter users regularly check their account form their smartphone. The excellent connectivity options boasted by models such as the 4S enables user to quickly check the opinions of their friends or post their own Tweets without really taking their eyes off the television.

It seems as though television broadcasters are very aware of the fact that many people now refer to sites such as Twitter before other forms of media such as newspapers and the internet. Viewers are encouraged to contact the broadcasters via the social networking site and numerous stars and celebrity's have their own accounts to keep in touch with their followers. This boom in popularity grabbed the attention of Apple as well and they ensured that the new iPhone 4S featured more Twitter features than ever before. The new notifications system instantly informs users of alerts from the site and any locations that you are visiting can be instantly posted to your profile. The uploading of media has also been made easier by the phone's camera feature enabling photographs and videos to be posted directly to your Twitter account.

The iPhone 4S is an incredibly popular model and the fact that it makes using a site like Twitter so easy adds to the appeal of the phone. It seems as though more users of this phone are using social networking facilities such as these instead of more traditional features such as SMS and email.

The iPhone 4S and the HTC Explorer are available now.

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