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A Look At Some Popular Samsung Galaxy S2 Tariffs

When choosing a new smartphone, the chances are you will take up a contract where you can get the handset for a heavily discounted price or even free, rather than paying the several hundred pounds that many new handsets command, and pay a monthly fee instead. In this article I will look at some of the tariffs available for UK consumers who want to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a very popular smartphone due to the features it offers. If you are in a position to purchase a SIM free handset, paying the full price of the handset (currently around £420) you are free to insert a SIM card with a pay as you go plan or the contract of your choice. However, this is a lot of money and most major UK networks are currently offering deals where you can get the phone itself for free and pay a monthly fee with varying packages of data, calls and text allowances.

If you send a lot of text messages, the O2 Bonus 200 Unlimited plan is a good choice. This provides a free Samsung Galaxy S2 along with unlimited text messages within the UK to any network. Included with this package is 200 minutes of calls to any UK mobile network and a 500 MB data allowance. The latter should prove more than ample for the average person's internet use, allowing enough data to browse various websites, check news headlines and carry out social networking activities on sites like Facebook or Twitter. To take advantage of the unlimited text messages that this service offers, you will sacrifice the free minutes of call time as 200 minutes is not a lot based on average mobile phone use. When you have used up the 200 minutes in a given month, standard call charges will then apply. There are other tariffs which offer more talk time and data allowance and this is reflected in the price. The O2 Bonus 200 plan is ideal for prolific text message use and costs £21.50 per month although the main bonus of this is the free Samsung Galaxy S2 handset.

A more comprehensive package is offered by popular UK network T-Mobile with their T-Mobile 2000 Unlimited package. Again, this includes a free Samsung Galaxy S2, but also includes the luxury of unlimited data, meaning you can use the internet on your phone to your heart's content, as well as enjoy 2000 minutes of free calls to UK networks and landlines and unlimited text messages. This package costs £36 per month, and like the aforementioned O2 tariff, lasts for 24 months. T-Mobile 2000 Unlimited offers a more comprehensive package of allowances, and based on average use should be adequate for most users.

There are hundreds of other tariffs available for the Samsung Galaxy S2 for UK customers across all major networks, and some of the premium packages even offer free gifts upon taking out the contract. These range from gift vouchers for popular UK shops, laptops, TVs and MP3 players. It pays to shop around when taking out a new mobile phone contract and at PhonesLimited.co.uk all available deals are compared daily to help you save money.

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