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Verizon Wireless Deals For Existing Customers - Plus A Great Place To Find Verizon Deals Online


Verizon Wireless

There are a few places to check out when looking for Verizon Wireless deals for existing customers. You will get the best price on a new phone when you are eligible for a Verizon Wireless upgrade based on your service contract dates, and extend your service with a new two-year agreement. This article discusses the potential deals existing Verizon Wireless customers can get, and also shows you a great place to find Verizon Wireless deals online.

Verizon Upgrade Eligibility And Options

  • As an existing Verizon Wireless customer, you will get the best phone deals when you extend your service contract for another 2 years. As long as you are happy with Verizon Wireless network and their customer service, this is really a no brainer. You can often get really great phones for FREE when you meet eligibility requirements, and sign up for a new two-year agreement. If you are not sure exactly when you are eligible for an upgrade, you can check your eligibility dates online.
  • New Every Two promotion - Depending on when you started your Verizon Wireless service, you may have been enrolled in their "New Every Two" marketing promotion. If you established your Verizon Wireless service with a two-year contract before February 15th, 2009, you can redeem a credit of $50 or $100, depending on your plan. If your service started on February 15th, 2009 or later, then you can redeem a credit of $30 or $50 depending on your plan. Log into your My Verizon Wireless account to see if you were enrolled in this marketing promotion. You can find this under the My Plan > Additional Features section of your Account Profile. You should see the label  New Every Two if you were enrolled in this promotion.
  • Verizon Wireless often runs different promotions and sales throughout the year. Simply going to their website, you can review current deals on phones and service plans. Be sure to review the fine print of any promotion
  • Verizon Wireless Worry Free Guarantee - Verizon Wireless offers a 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee, where for any reason if you are not satisfied, you can cancel your service with no termination fees, and return your phone equipment for a full refund. However, some equipment may have a restocking fee.
  • Verizon Wireless Trade-In Program - When you upgrade or get a new phone, you could trade-in your old phone to Verizon. On their website, you can easily get an "appraisal" to see how much cash you can get for trading-in and recycling your old phone. Some models will earn you more cash than you would expect

Other Places To Find Verizon Deals

Verizon Wireless is not the only place for existing customers to qualify for great deals. Many well-known retailers are Authorized Verizon Wireless Resellers, and in working with their Verizon Wireless partnership agreements, they can offer additional savings and promotions when you renew or extend your service through their stores. Check out the Verizon Wireless satellite retail desks at places like Costco and Best Buy. As an example, the last time I visited my local Costco, they were offering the same promotion from Verizon Wireless at the time. But in addition, they also offered an "accessory package" that included a car charger, protective carrying case and a bluetooth headset, all for free when signing up with them.
Because of the fast-paced competitive consumer market for cell phones and plans, finding the absolute best Verizon Wireless deals for existing customers greatly depends on the timing of what is happening in the market right now.
If you are ready to upgrade your Verizon phone, hurry and click here for more Verizon wireless deals. Existing customers will find the lowest prices on Verizon Wireless phones and get FREE two day shipping.
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