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How Different Are Cell Phone Covers From Model To Model?

Cell phone covers and cases are purchased by users who seek to add aesthetic appeal; improve function and performance all while protecting their phone from potential damage. Whether cosmetic improvement or protection is the driving factor for purchasing a case or cover, the number of available options will ensure you find something that suits your needs. It's just a matter of doing your research to find the best product for your make and model. Cell phone covers provide a number of functions that include: protecting the phone from scratches; making the phone more appealing and perhaps most importantly, making the phone more durable.

As previously mentioned, there is a plethora of different cases on the market today that vary in form and function. A type of cover called a body glove protects and adds durability to the phone. Body gloves are normally made of neoprene that fits tightly around the casing of the phone. They can come with an attachment used for clipping the phone to a purse strap or belt. It is a practical choice for someone who needs extra cell phone protection and wants to minimize shock if the phone is dropped. While these cases are great for functional elements, you may be limited in cosmetic choices due to the material they are made of.

As mentioned, there are no covers that will fit with every phone and there are no universal covers. Various models require specific cases as each model will vary in dimension, and the same model will vary from year to year. Shields and skins are two other types of cases that will only fit the specific model they were designed for. Their differences are in how they are secured to the phone and the type of materials they are made of. For instance, a skin is made of soft silicone that stretches and pulls to fit securely over the entire phone. A shield is made of a hard material and has a back piece and a front piece that snaps around the phone. Both styles are available in many different patterns and colors, offering both form and function.

Skins cover the entire phone and can easily be slipped on and off. Many of these sleeves offer protecting from impact as they consist of a silicone sleeve that is a molded fit design that also keeps out dust and dirt. There are models that have rigid protective shields or snap-on covers. They are made from two pieces of hard material and snap around the phone to provide complete protection. Faceplates are another type of cell phone cover that fit the front of your device. Faceplates usually are made of hard plastic and are considered a more permanent accessory, simply because they require installation.

Pouches are cell phone covers in which the cell phone slides into a pouch. Cell phone pouches are functional, attractive, and are available in various colors, shapes, and designs. These are great for those who want to have their phone by their side but don't want to alter the phone itself. Whatever the reason is for you wanting a case, there are more options than ever before. Many online sites offer great deals and unique products, and since the cases are made for specific models, there is no need to worry and wonder if your purchase will fit.

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