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Sony Xperia U - Sony's New Handset

Sony was able to put up amazing line of handsets after saying its goodbye to its long time partner (Ericsson). After giving us the Sony Xperia S, now Sony is offering us the Sony Xperia U. This is also considered as a pocket-friendly handset as opposed to the now famous Xperia S.

The Xperia U may be new, but you will notice a resemblance to the S when it comes to its design. The phone bears the same transparent element between the base and buttons. This provides an interesting feature that will tickle your mind.

The phone's chassis lacks that aluminum feel that is present on the Xperia P. It also lacks that sleekness which we all loved on the Xperia S. The phone is made out of plastic all the way. If you look at the handset, you will barely notice the difference between the three handsets. They all bear that identical transparent element.

The transparent element found on this handset will light up and even change colors (depending on the phone's current screen). For example, if you are looking at a green picture, then the phone will light up in green. And so on and so forth.

You will find a VGA front-facing camera on this handset. The 5MP rear camera comes in with fancy LED flash. They two cameras compliment each other in a nice way. For a low cost smartphone, you are definitely getting a bargain on this handset.

You will also enjoy the phone's Android overlay, the Sony Timescape. It is getting better as time goes by. You will also notice a well-spaced letter on the phone's keyboard. This handset is made to impress you with its 3.5" display screen.

You will also enjoy different settings on this phone. You can easily integrate Facebook and see user updates or check out photos right from this handset. Sony wants to target the masses and the youth in general. This handset can easily compete with phones like the Nokia Lumia 800 and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. It has all of the ingredients needed for a successful Android smartphone. The phone's 1GHz dual-core processor definitely seals the deal. It is quick and slick for a newbie.

Truly Sony is emerging as a company that is ready to compete with Giants like Samsung and Nokia. With Sony's latest Xperia line, you are promised to get more without paying dearly for it.

This is the new handset from Sony; this is the Sony Xperia U.

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