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A Look At Path - A New Social Networking Service For The Sony Xperia S

The new Sony Xperia S is a premium smartphone that runs on the hugely popular Android operating system. One of the advantages of this platform is that users have access to thousands of applications that can be downloaded directly to the device. Most users of this device will have used at least one social networking application on this phone and the chances are that it will be one of the more well known names that are available. There are however several lesser known applications in this category that offer simple operation and some great features. We take a look at Path, the newest social networking application that is available for the Xperia S.

One could argue that we do not need any more social networking platforms with dozens currently available but Path for the Sony Xperia S is a little different as it tries to deliver a more personal and private user experience. The service is developed by Dave Morin who is a former Facebook executive and Shawn Fanning who is the co-creator of Napster. Path aims to combine all of the best elements from rival social networking platforms and provide users with a simple new platform. In a bid to build the popularity of this new service the developers have released this new Android application so consumers can familiarise themselves with the service. The aim of the software is to help users create a timeline of their life. The main way users can do this is by uploading photographs but there are other elements that can also be uploaded and used. When users first download the software they have to create an account which can be done from directly within the application rather than requiring the user to log onto a desktop to perform this task. Once you have created your account this becomes the first step on your "path".

Users of the Path application on the Sony Xperia S build their profile by adding details about various events that occur in their lives. Although uploading photographs will be popular with most users other information can be easily added. You can highlight songs that you are currently listening to or add locations that you are visiting. One really appealing aspect of this new service is that it allows users to be very selective about who can view their profile. With internet security a concern of many people Path allows you to be very selective about your content. The platform is ideal for people who want to keep in touch with a close group of friends or family without your information being available to the whole world. The software does not offer the amount of features that are boasted by many rival services but this is very deliberate. Other sites can become very distracting but Path keeps things very simple and allows you to build an attractive and detailed profile without it dominating large chunks of your daily life.

Path for the Sony Xperia S is one of the most impressive social networking platforms that we have looked at in recent months. A simple user interface makes the software a joy to use and the excellent security means that you do not have to worry about your information being available to people outside of your chosen associates.

The Sony Xperia S is available now and the iPhone 5 is coming soon.

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