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The Probable Features of the Samsung Galaxy S3

The probable features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 include a more powerful camera, processor and random access memory according to reports based on leaked specifications from a major technology conference earlier this year. The handset is due to be the manufacturer's next big release to follow the Samsung Galaxy S2 respectively.

As with all in the industry, keeping up with Apple and its mobile phone series isn't particularly easy, although up until now Samsung have managed to handsets which contain just as much power and almost has many applications through the Android Market. Although at this stage it is only speculation, it is widely thought that this upcoming handset is likely to be released in the not too distant future this year, and including a possibly unusual shape, in a kinked S style design. More importantly however are the detailed specifications of what this phone will offer, not just against rival handsets but also to improve on its own predecessors.

It is likely that the Galaxy S3 will include a substantial 4.6 inch 3D display with Super AMOLED technology offering high definition at 1280 by 720 resolution and enabling you to watch videos in full HD (1080 pixel) also. The vibrancy of its current displays is stunning and brings to life everything onscreen. The handset will be a full touch handset with the Android 4 operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest to be released. It is probable to include as much as 2 gigabytes of random access memory along with either a 1.8 or 2 gigahertz dual core processor which would make the overall functionality both more powerful and a lot faster. Additionally, it is likely to provide a 12 megapixel main camera with full high definition capabilities also, allowing you to capture perfect videos and great photo shots, and supported by an impressive front camera too.

The internal storage is expected to be 32 gigabytes and a microSD card slot, along with Near Field Communication technology will doubtless also be present. Other standard connectivity such as Bluetooth 3.0 and a wide range of data networks as well as WiFi will also doubtless be included. Meanwhile, the Android 4 OS already offers a more simplistic user interface and greater speed by itself.

It is likely that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to be a very slim handset almost joining the mobile phone with the tablet through a large display, and including a lot of PC like power. Ultimately, it will be one of this year's largest technology releases.

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