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A Look At Internet Connectivity Options On The Samsung Galaxy Note

If you are lucky enough to own the powerful Samsung Galaxy Note, you will no doubt be impressed by the features it offers. In this article I will look at the various methods the device uses to gain an internet connection so you can stay connected whatever the local coverage and signal strength.


This is arguably the best option for connecting to the web for several reasons. It offers the fastest connection and does not use up your data allowance, so this should be your first choice if you have such restrictions on your tariff. Also, it uses less battery than 3G, so you can browse the web for longer. In order to use a Wi-Fi connection on your Samsung Galaxy Note, you will need to be within range of a Wi-Fi signal provided through a wireless router. If you are, you will need the appropriate login details before a connection can be established. When you have logged in to a wireless network the details will be saved, and the connection will be made available automatically any time you are within range. Most people have wireless internet in their homes as well as most offices and an increasing number of public places like airports and coffee shops so you should never be far from a Wi-Fi connection.


In the UK, 3G coverage is generally very good in most parts of the country. This is generally the go to option whenever a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable. You will automatically be connected to 3G most of the time based on local coverage, so you can instantly use the internet. Although the widespread coverage of 3G is a bonus, there are some things you need to be aware of. If you are using 3G for a prolonged period, the battery can drain very quickly so you may want to close any other apps which are running in the background of your Samsung Galaxy Note, or enable the battery saver mode found in the device's settings which adjusts setting like the screen's brightness to save battery. Also, you should make a note of your data allowance. While some UK networks offer tariffs with an unlimited data allowance, most are restricted to around 500 MB or 1 GB, and 3G usage can quickly make a dent in this if used for prolonged periods.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Like many new smartphone and tablet models, you can utilise the Samsung Galaxy Note to provide a Wi-Fi connection to other devices using your current 3G connection. This works by essentially converting 3G data into a usable Wi-Fi signal which can support up to 5 devices. As when using a 3G connection, be sure to keep track of your data usage, especially if you are using it to provide a connection to multiple devices. This feature is best reserved for emergencies or short term use, for example when you need to do some work on your laptop but do not have a Wi-Fi connection available.

There are many features which stand out about the Samsung Galaxy Note, but its capabilities to connect to the internet make it stand out, and provides the ideal option for many types of user who are prolific internet users. The device is currently available on several UK networks, with T-Mobile currently offering 24 month packages with unlimited data from £36 per month.

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