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AirAV Provides A Great Media Streaming Service On The iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S uses a high quality screen which makes the device perfect for viewing video content on the phone. The only problem encountered by some users is when the video file that they are trying to view is not in a format that is recognised by Apple and therefore the phone refuses to play the content. A new application is available for this phone that acts as a true multi media player capable of playing back a wealth of content on your device.

AirAV is a new application available from the iTunes App Store that helps users overcome problems in playing back a variety of video files. Several video playback applications are now available but we were drawn to AirAv as it does not concentrate on filling up your valuable storage space with large files. AirAV uses the WiFi connection on your iPhone 4S to find content that is available on other devices connected on your network. When you launch the application for the first time your network is scanned and a list of devices that can share material is displayed on the phone. These devices can range from a laptop or home computer to recording devices with streaming capabilities. Simply tapping on any one of these items allows you to browse the compatible content that is stored on it. When we tested the application we were impressed with the sheer number of different file formats that were supported. We encountered no problems in playing back AVI, MP3, WMV and FLAC content.

The AirAV application for the iPhone 4S can also connect to a range of media servers which can store a huge amount of material for distribution around your home. We tapped into our Sony PS3 with no problems at all and the developers quote that almost all servers can be used with this application including Linux and XMBC powered units. So we have established that this new application can connect to just about any piece of equipment connected to a home network but what about the quality of the playback? We found no issues in this area and playing back video files was not only very fast but the quality was superb. Files played back almost instantly and users can select which point of the file they want to start their playback from. The fact that the application does not enable you to compile playlists is a slight disappointment however this can be forgiven thanks to the wealth of files formats available and the quality that is on offer.

The iPhone 4S is a super phone for viewing movie content and the AirAV application enhances this experience. Streaming of content is very simple and the quality rivals what you would expect from a file that was stored directly on the phone.

The iPhone 4S and the HTC Sensation XL are available now.

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