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Improved Internet Connectivity On The Forthcoming iPhone 5

One of the areas that appeals to consumers on the iPhone 4S is the excellent web connectivity that is offered by the model. The device features a range of different connection options to help ensure that users can get fast internet access at all times. It looks as though Apple are planning to enhance these facilities on their forthcoming iPhone 5 model by including the new 5G Gigabyte WiFi service.

At present the iPhone 4S offers WiFi facilities using the 802.11n standard. This is the type of transmission used by a variety of mobile devices, home computers and broadband routers that communicate using the Wireless LAN service. At this moment in time 802.11n offers the fastest possible data transfer speeds but there is much speculation about the newer 802.11ac standard that will also be known as 5G Gigabyte WiFi. This new service will offer data transfer speeds that are between two and four times faster than the services that we currently use. A number of factors will contribute towards this improved speed including larger bandwidth and enhanced data transfer efficiency. Devices such as the iPhone 5 that use this system will also be fitted more antennas in order to improve reception. At present the majority of devices use up to four antennas but new models will now feature up to double this amount.

A number of manufacturers displayed new chipsets that support the 5G Gigabyte WiFi service at the recent CES show in Las Vegas including Broadcom, a developer that Apple have used on numerous devices over the past decade. An insider at Apple also recently quoted that this service "promises better networking range, improved reliability, and more power efficient chips, thanks to parallel advances in reducing chip size and enhancing power management". When we do see the iPhone 5 launched it looks very likely that one of the key updates will be this improved WiFi service.

It is not only WiFi facilities that will be boosted on the new iPhone 5 but also the mobile connectivity offered by the model. At present the iPhone 4S can connect to a 3G network to allow users to achieve great transfer speeds while they are on the move. The new model is set to be able to connect to the new 4G networks that are being made available. 4G refers to the fourth generation of cellular wireless connectivity and is the natural successor to 3G. The service should allow users to take advantage of download speeds of around 21Mbps which is much faster than the iPhone 4S which offers speeds of around 7.2Mbps. Local connectivity on the model will include Bluetooth for the easy wireless transfer of data and files and Airplay which will allow you to stream media files to compatible devices.

Many people are looking forward to seeing the new design and large display on the iPhone 5 but the improved connectivity options look equally as impressive. 5G Gigabyte WiFi will bring faster web browsing while 4G connectivity will enable fast downloads when you are on the move.

The iPhone 5 is coming soon and the iPhone 4S is available now.

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