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The Google Goggles App Is Available For Smartphones Such As The iPhone 4S And HTC Desire S

Google Goggles is an app which is available for Apple smartphones like the iPhone 4S via the AppStore as well as Android powered devices like the HTC Desire S. In this article, I will look at how the app works and the benefits it brings to users.

What Is Google Goggles?
Google Goggles is a free app which can be downloaded to iOS and Android powered devices and utilises the built in camera of certain smartphones. Once downloaded it is very easy to use. Simply open the app, and you will be presented with an interface which allows you to take a photo using the camera. You are required to take a photo of a barcode on any product you can imagine. Once the app has let you know that the barcode is properly lined up with the camera, it will automatically capture the photo. Once the photo has been taken, it will search an online database for matches.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Goggles?
Once the database has been searched, you will then be presented with a match of the product. You will then be shown various websites which sell the same item, with prices so you can get the best price. If you are using an iPhone 4S, HTC Desire S or similar smartphone, it will recognise which country you are in so only relevant websites will be shown. Links to the sites will be provided so you can follow these to purchase the item at the best possible price, and purchase it directly from your phone. If you are an online shopping fan, this app can prove very handy and provides a new and convenient twist on the popular price comparison format.

In testing (with an Android powered HTC Sensation), I found that the process works well, and matches a large number of products. I tested it on DVDs, PS3 games, stationary items and even a loaf of bread and the correct matches were shown. As I am based in the UK, only links to UK websites were shown with popular sites like Play.com and Tesco.com shown, so if I had chosen to make a purchase it would have been a simple affair. The app is by no means perfect and there will be some products which are unrecognised, but for the most part you can count on getting a match with most popular items. It is a great way to save money as the app is free to download and use, and it provides you with the best possible price for the item you are searching.

As the app is free, I recommend giving it a try if you own a handset like an Apple iPhone 4S or an Android smartphone like the HTC Desire S.

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