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How To Make The Most Of The Samsung Galaxy Note And Its Multimedia Credentials

As the most powerful device in the manufacturer's current line-up, the Samsung Galaxy Note has the specifications to appeal to many types of user. In this article I will look at the benefits it can bring to multimedia enthusiasts by focussing on some of its key features.

The screen is arguably the most impressive feature of this device. The screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note is not only exceptionally large at 5.3 inches, but is also boats one of the highest pixel resolutions of any mobile device at 800x 1280 resulting in a pixel density of 285ppi (pixels per inch). This basically means that whatever is being displayed on the screen is done so in very high levels of detail and clarity, so it really lends itself to watching HD videos, viewing photos, gaming and browsing various websites. The screen is highly responsive thanks to S-AMOLED capacitive touchscreen technology which again, really lends itself to playing games which are operated using the touchscreen. This technology also provides wide viewing angles, and superb colour rendering and brightness, which other handsets in the Galaxy range are well known for.

If you plan to use you Samsung Galaxy Note for heavy multimedia use I suggest that you install an SD card into the micro SD slot. This allows users to expand their storage significantly, for a relatively small financial outlay. Although there is plenty of storage right out of the box, with the base model packing a generous 16 GB of user available storage, adding a micro SD card will give you much more storage and peace of mind that you are unlikely to run out of storage capacity for your files. If you wish to transfer your multimedia files to and from a computer, this is a simple task thanks to micro USB connectivity. Once connected it is a case of simply dragging and dropping your selected files into the appropriate device's folders.

Whilst it is possible and indeed very simple to transfer files from a computer onto the Galaxy Note, the device also comes with access to Samsung Hubs. These include Reader Hub where books, magazines and newspapers can be downloaded and easily read on the large screen. Games Hub offers plenty of free games as well as paid premium titles with some familiar games from various consoles available. There is a Music Hub which allows users to download music in a similar fashion to Apple's iTunes, and finally there is Media Hub. This allows users to browse thousands of movie titles for download straight to the device, as well as many popular TV shows. If you choose to download TV shows, you can download individual episodes, or entire series. You can also subscribe to shows which are currently being aired, and new episodes will be downloaded the day after they are aired on TV. Samsung Hubs make it easy to download new content in pretty much any location provided you have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection (the latter may require data charges depending on your tariff).

All of the features outlined above mean that users can expect one of the finest multimedia experiences available on a mobile device. Combining its powerful hardware with instantly available downloadable content is a winning formula; meaning users have access to thousands of titles across various formats, at their fingertips.

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