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Camera Features And Design On The Sony Xperia S And The New Galaxy S Advance

Two of the leading smartphones manufacturers in the world are undoubtedly Samsung and Sony. Both of these companies have produced some excellent handsets and both manufacturers are launching new devices in the coming weeks. We take a look at the Sony Xperia S and the Samsung Galaxy S Advance to see what camera features are on offer and how the devices compare in terms of design.

The modern smartphone offers a comprehensive multimedia package with most devices capable of capturing both high quality still photographs and excellent video footage. Both of the models that we are looking at fail to disappoint in this department. The Sony Xperia S boasts what is perhaps the best digital still camera of any phone currently available. The models incorporates a superb 12 mega pixel primary camera together with a 1.3 mega pixel secondary unit. On the main camera a number of features help to enhance the final image and the excellent Exmor R CMOS sensor helps the model to achieve fantastic results. Users will appreciate the autofocus facility that ensures that images look as clear as possible while the 3D Panorama mode lets you capture images of a 360 degree view. In terms of video recording the model boasts 1080P resolution to provide the user with HD quality results. The Samsung Galaxy S Advance is more of a mid range device and therefore the camera resolution is a little lower than what we experienced on the Sony. The 5 mega pixel camera still manages to produce a wonderful quality of image and the whole photographic process is made easier by features such as an LED flash and autofocus. The secondary camera matches the Sony for resolution but the video capture is a slightly lower resolution of 720P.

There is no doubt that both of these handsets are attractive devices. The Galaxy S Advance uses the same body as the original Galaxy S which still looks very modern considering it is nearly two years old. The phone offers a very slim depth of just 9.7mm while the extensive use of lightweight plastics means that the model weighs in at an impressive 120 grammes. The slim design is complimented by neatly curved edges that give the model an eye-catching and pleasant appearance. The new Sony Xperia S boasts a totally different design which favours a more angular appearance over curves. This design works well with the incredibly slim profile of the device which measures just 10.6mm. The model is 22 grammes heavier than the Samsung but this can be forgiven as the phone does incorporate a much larger display. A transparent band is positioned toward the bottom of the device which makes the model stand out against the majority of other phones currently available.

The Sony Xperia S and the Samsung Galaxy S Advance are both very stylish smartphones but the Sony impresses more than its rival when it comes to camera facilities. The 12 mega pixel camera and the 1080P video recording ensure that this model is one of the very best available in this area.

The Sony Xperia S is coming soon and the Samsung Galaxy S2 is available now.

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