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New Updates Help Cure Reported Issues On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Since it release towards the end of 2011 the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been a success with consumers thanks to its excellent operating system and stylish design. As with most new handsets however there are several problems that users have encountered when using this model. Programmers at XDA Developers have now launched an update for this model that seems to resolve many of these issues.

One area where the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has encountered some problems is when sending an MMS message. Many users have experienced problems when they attach a photograph to a message and this content is never sent to the intended recipient. Many users have got around the problem by downloading a separate application to perform this task but sending the data with the built in application is a much faster and more simple affair. This new update cured this issue and from reports that we have heard nobody has encountered any further problems in this area. Several other improvements are apparent after installing this unofficial update. The volume during calls has also been improved after many people reported that call quality was poor due to them being unable to clearly hear who they were speaking to. Users have also noted that the camera application now launches much quicker than before meaning that you are more likely to capture the moment perfectly. Battery life has also been considerably boosted and one person reported that 15 hours of use on the phone only consumed just 11% of the battery capacity.

Despite these well documented issues the Samsung Galaxy Nexus remains one of the leading mobile handsets currently available. The device is the first model released to incorporate the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which offers numerous improvements over earlier versions including improved visuals and faster operation. Another area that really impresses us with this new model is the high definition quality display. This screen shows a resolution of 280 x 720 pixels and measures 4.65 inches which not only makes it one of the largest displays available but also one of the best. Although the large screen size means that the phone is not one of the smallest available it does have advantages in many areas including web browsing, movie playback and mobile gaming. Looks wise the model catches the eye with its slim profile and neatly curved edges. Physical buttons are kept to a minimum and the front of the model is dominated by the large screen.

There are many reasons why consumers are opting for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The update launched by XDA Developers eliminates the few problems that the model did encounter and the final result is a near faultless smartphone.

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