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Various Data Packages Available For The Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is the perfect handset for internet browsing. The model offers some excellent connectivity options along with a large screen perfect for viewing all types of online content. A powerful dual core processor ensures that surfing the web is very fast even when viewing multiple web pages. There is one area that can have a negative effect on your browsing experience on this model and that is the mobile network you are using. We take a look at the major UK networks to see which offer the best data allowance packages for this model.

There are several major network providers in the UK and they all offer different data packages that range from unlimited usage to 100MB of data. For those who want to use their Samsung Galaxy Note for a huge amount of mobile internet use then Three offer a truly unlimited allowance. With this contact there are no restrictions on internet use which means that there is no limit on uploads, downloads and streaming. Three have recently stated that the average smartphone user requires approximately 500MB to 1GB of allowance per month which puts them beyond what many providers can offer. One point that is worth considering is that this contract does not support internet tethering. This means if you use your phone to access the web for other devices such as a laptop or tablet device it is not possible on this plan. One company that used to be famous for their unlimited data packages was O2 but unfortunately this has changed. Now consumers have to purchase their data allowance as part of their contract. O2 call this system Bolt Ons and users can choose to have as little as 100MB for £3 per month up to 1GB which will cost £10 in addition to the existing package price.

Some network providers in the UK advertise an unlimited data allowance but there is additional small print that is worth considering. If you want to use your Samsung Galaxy Note for simple browsing T Mobile offer a plan that is quoted as unlimited however usage is capped at 500MB for uploading and downloading of data. This type of package is fine for checking e mails or catching up with the latest news but if you are looking to post videos on YouTube or Facebook then the 500MB can be eaten up very quickly. Vodafone and Orange are the two remaining services and both of these providers offer tiered packages. Customers can choose the amount of data allowance that is included in their contract but neither provider offers an unlimited option although Orange do offer a 2GB option which should be more than enough for even the most frequent internet user.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a superb model for internet use but users can often be restricted by the data package that they have on their contract. All network providers offer data as part of their package although only Three offer a truly unlimited service with no additional costs.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Desire S are available now.

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