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UK iPhone 4S Users To Enjoy Faster Data Transfer Speeds During 2012

The iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are two advanced mobile smartphones that are capable of picking up a HSPA+ mobile date signal. Unfortunately in the UK there are no mobile networks that currently support this type of system. This looks set to change however with network provider Three announcing plans to launch the service later in 2012.

At present iPhone 4S users in the UK can enjoy mobile data transfer speeds of 21Mbps which enables users to experience a satisfactory web browsing experience when they are on the move. This transfer speed is ample for uploading media to social networking sites and also for general web browsing. This speed however can be improved and the new HSPA+ service will double the current data transfer speed to 42Mbps to give users an even faster online experience. With Three making this announcement it is anticipated that other UK network providers such as O2 and Vodafone will launch services of their own so their customers can take advantage of these faster speeds. This improved service will benefit all areas of mobile internet use but it will be especially noticeable on sites that offer video content which is where many current devices may experience a delay when trying to view material.

The iPhone 4S offers a wealth of alternative connectivity options so that all users can experience a great online experience regardless of their location. At present the phone does offer HSPA on a 3G network for the fastest mobile speeds however 3G coverage does not reach every part of the country so it is pleasing to see some very capable alternatives in place. The model can connect to an EDGE network which offers speeds that are not at fast as 3G but still ample to provide a good service. If users have access to a WiFi network then this method will give you the fastest possible online speeds. The phone supports all three recognised speeds of WiFi including the new "N" standard. Obviously this method is only viable when you are within range of a recognised network but the phone does remember security details meaning that the device will always automatically connect to this network when within range without you needing to enter access keys and passwords.

The iPhone 4S features some advanced connectivity options to ensure users can enjoy browsing the internet at all times. The announcement that Three will be launching an HSPA+ service in the coming months will further enhance the excellent facilities already offered by this model.

The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 8GB are available now.

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