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HTC Sensation XL - Will It Get The Android 4.0?

The HTC Sensation XL originally came with Android 2.3 or better known as the Gingerbread. It came packed with 1.5 GHz processor, HTC Sense UI 3.5, Beats Audio and Headset, 4.7" S-LCD capacitive touch screen, and more. Now the big question is will it get the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?

I am sure that you already love the handset's current OS, but I am also sure that you want to get your hands all busy with the latest Android iteration the Ice Cream Sandwich. So what is it about this latest Android OS that makes you want to have it? I know that you have heard some of the amazing things that this OS can actually give you, but let me just make you drool over it more.

This is indeed Android's best OS to date. It is refined and evolved user interface that is now making a huge buzz in the OS category. It is actually focused on giving you the real power of Android. It makes ordinary actions more visible than ever. It will also allow you to navigate with intuitive and simple gestures.

With this latest OS, you will experience refined animations and an amazing feedback all throughout the phone's system. This is capable of making interaction better and interesting than never before. The Ice Cream Sandwich is definitely an entirely new type face. It is optimized for high-resolution screens. This will make the HTC Sensation XL more lovable than before. With this latest OS, your phone's readability will be more polished and just like nothing that you've experienced with the phone's Gingerbread OS.

Like the phone's original OS, this new OS will give you virtual buttons on the phone's system bar. You can easily and instantly navigate to Home, Recent Apps, and Back in the blink of eye. And is that is not enough for you, you will access any apps' contextual options via the phone's Action bar.

With this new OS, multi-tasking on the Sensation XL is made better. You can easily and instantly jump from one chosen task to another by simply using the list on the phone's System bar. All you have to do is to tap that thumbnail and you are good to go and switch apps.

These are just some of the amazing things that you can do with the HTC Sensation XL once the Android 4.0 is finally available to this phone. So, will the phone ever get this powerful Android OS to date? The answer is a big YES, and all you have to do is to just wait and see.

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