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A Look At The Benefits Of The MixZing App On The HTC Desire S

In this article I will look at the MixZing app which is available for Android smartphones like the HTC Desire S via a free download in the Android Market. I will provide an overview of some of its key features and how it differs to other media players.

MixZing claims to be 'the most advanced media player around'. It is an interface through which you play music files on your Android smartphone but offers a number of features which most default media players do not. Among its main selling points are the ability to take any music files you may have that do not have any track information or album art, and it intelligently cleans up your library replacing any missing info or art. Another useful feature offered by the app is access to a database of song lyrics, which can toggle on or off and display lyrics as a song is playing.

The app uses the music files which are already stored in your HTC Desire S, and automatically integrates with them so there is no need to download any additional music files to your phone. The app has several other neat tricks up its sleeve. It has a homescreen widget which allows you to skip tracks and adjust the volume while displaying the album art for the track that is currently playing. This can even be controlled when the phone's screen is locked, which is very convenient.

Another impressive feature of this app is that it can create playlists with its Mood Player. Based on factors like genre and BPM, it matches similar tracks and creates a new playlist. You can of course also create your own playlists and these can even be restored after they have been deleted.

Aside from the features outlined above, the MixZing app has a very user-friendly interface. This makes it ideal for all types of user and sets it apart from some other media players. Given that this app is free to download, I suggest giving it a go if you are bored with the default media player on handsets like the HTC Desire S.

There is a paid version available (MixZing Upgrader) for £3.19 which offers all of the features outlined above but without the ads which you invariably get on free apps. The free version is ideal to get a feel of the app before you commit to the paid version.

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