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The Motorola Razr Offers Great Social Networking And The Excellent Android Marketplace

The Motorola Razr that proved such a huge success over a decade ago has been redesigned complete with a host of features that make it one of the highest specification phones currently available. Not only does this new phone offer a modern slim design but it also boasts a great chipset and some excellent software. We take a look at how the model handles social networking tasks and also look at the excellent Android Marketplace which is used for downloading a variety of material.

We always expect an Android handset to provide superb social networking support and the Motorola Razr does not disappoint in this area. Live widgets for all of the major sites are available which can be placed directly on the homescreen. Not only do these widgets enable you to access the sites but they also present you with an overview of what is happening directly on the screen. This basically means that you do not always need to load the site in order to keep tabs on what is happening in the world around you. There is also a widget named Social Networking and this collaborates information from all of your favourite accounts in one place. The user has the option to select updates from a single account if they desire or even display updates that have been posted by themselves. The Social Networking widget also allows you to post updates of your own. Once you have written your post you can choose whether you want it to be posted to all of your accounts or you can select specific ones if you wish. Modern sites enable users to check themselves into places that they visit which enables all of your friends to see where you are. The Razr offers an application named Social Places which allows you to perform this task on the phone. This particular feature can also be used as a directory to show you places around you that may be of interest which is particularly useful if you are visiting another town or city that you are not familiar with.

Thanks to the powerful processor and the high quality qHD screen used by the Motorola Razr most applications within the Android Marketplace can be used by this phone. This online store is where you can download new applications for your phone which can range from the latest games to shopping facilities. The Android Marketplace boasts a very simple design which means that even new users will find it very easy to navigate. At the top of the main screen is where you will find the featured applications for the week. Beneath this there are three sections named Games, Applications and My Apps. The first two allow you to browse the thousands of downloads that are available whilst the final one lets you see what you have already purchased. If you do not feel like browsing through several pages to find what you are looking for there is a search facility which is perfect if you know the name of the application that you wish to download. Android is growing all of the time and this online store offers a comprehensive selection of applications from a variety of different genres.

The Motorola Razr offers a high level of social networking support for users of sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Regardless of your location you can always keep track of what is happening in the world around you whilst posting your own material is a quick and simple affair. If social network sites are not for you then you are sure to find something of interest on the excellent Android Marketplace with ten of thousands of applications to choose from.

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