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Have You Heard About the New Touch Screen BlackBerry Curve?

The BlackBerry Curve 9380 is the very first touch screen Curve that has ever been developed by RIM. Being a Curve user myself, I have been looking forward to any new releases and upgrades in the Curve line, but I was not anticipating a touchscreen device. While I am not really a fan of touch screen devices, mainly due to my sweaty fingers, I would still be willing to give the 9380 a try with a stylus if everything else is worth it.

I mostly use my BlackBerry for work, but it is still my only mobile phone so it should also facilitate the need for entertainment and play. While I do not have all the details on this new device, I should think I have gotten enough information about it to decide whether a trade-up can be considered. I wasn't able to actually touch the devices, but I was able to view it up close and observe its usage. I will share my knowledge with you and you can start considering or bashing, it's up to you.

Design (4 stars)

While the BlackBerry Curve 9380 does comprise some resemblance to the new Torch 9860, that could be chalked up only to the fact that it is a touch screen device and as such it emulates RIM's vision of what touch screen mobile phones should look like. It is however a bit smaller than the Torch which should also point out that the screen is smaller too.

The 9380 has a 3.2 High Resolution screen whereas the Torch embraces a whopping 3.7 inch. It almost the same length as the previous Curve smart phones but it is much thinner.

Even though it's a touchscreen device, it still houses the standard call, end call, back /escape and menu button at the bottom of the phone's face and it is also equipped with the BlackBerry signature trackpad. Some people may criticize this aspect but I like the fact that these buttons are there because I would hate to have to rely completely on the touchscreen for every little function. The charger port is on the left side in the middle and as usual the volume and shortcut buttons are located on the right side.

I gave the design a 4 start rating because I personally don't think that any phone without a physical QWERTY keyboard should get a 5.

User Interface (4 stars)

Well, you are already aware that it is a touchscreen device, but I guess you would like to know how well it interacts. The menu options are typical of what you would expect from a Curve, but now you get to see them in a portrait or landscape view with the date, time, battery and signal status in a freeze pane at the top and the icons are big, bold and clear. What that means is that when you scroll up and down through the menu items, you will still be able to see those items constantly at the top. The change between views can sometimes have a little lag but nothing to complain about. The touchscreen however responds very quickly.

Features (4 stars)

Aside from its high resolution anti-scratch touch screen, the BlackBerry Curve 9380 has a few more things to bring to the table. It is 3G supported with Wi-Fi connect ability and typing can still easily be done with the onscreen QWERTY keyboard. I would definitely need to get a stylus for that but the avid touchscreen user would not have a problem with it. The best feature that is found on this new Curve however is its BlackBerry 7 Operating System. It is said to be faster and more fluid that previous releases and is able to host new and innovative apps. It handles graphics very well so your BlackBerry gaming experience will be bumped up a notch. It also features the new BB browser which would appear to have unlimited zooming and scrolling capabilities. All the usual features are there of course, such as the Bluetooth and the acceptable 5 Megapixel camera.


Ok, I'll admit that it is nothing compared to the new Torch, but it is still a very good upgrade from most of the feature phones on the market and even some of the previous BlackBerry models. While its 800MHz processor may not be conducive to most corporate users, it will still be a hit among the younger generation who wants a high end smartphone with necessary features that matters to them. My daughter has been bugging me for a BlackBerry and I would definitely consider this for her, or maybe I will take it and give her my crummy 8520 because it would actually be an upgrade in so many areas. Additionally, I got the impression that its price range will be very affordable, so... why not?

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Nice review. I just wishI can own one.

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