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iPhone Voice Activated Calling

 Use your voice to control your iPhone's calling and music functions. The iPhone has a Voice Control feature that allows users to speak commands to their phones in regards to making phone calls and playing iPod music. In order to use the feature, you must learn the specified commands and speak them clearly into the phone's microphone.

The Voice Control feature can be especially useful when you're driving and want to control your iPhone without taking your eyes off the road. Instead of browsing through your contact list or music library, you can activate the Voice Control feature and speak your request into the microphone. Voice Control commands are available for making phone calls, playing music and requesting information such as the time.
Before you can use the Voice Control feature on your iPhone, you must learn the vocal commands. To make a phone call, for example, say "Call" or "Dial" followed by the person's name you want to call. The name must match the name or nickname as it appears in your contact list, such as "Mom" or "John Smith." If you have multiple numbers stored for an individual, you'll also need to specify which number you want to dial -- for example, "Call John Smith mobile" or "Dial Mom home."
Once you learn all of the available music commands, you'll be able to request a specific artist, album or playlist without navigating through your music library. Speak the phrase, "Play music by [artist]," or "Play Album [Album Name]" to play music in your library by a specific artist or on a specific album. If a song is playing that you really like, say "Play more like this" to create a genius playlist based on the musical genre and style. Other music commands include, "What song is this?," "Pause," "Next Song," Previous Song" and "Shuffle."
To speak a command into your iPhone, you must first activate the Voice Control feature. To do so, press the home button on your phone until the blue Voice Control screen appears. If you're using your iPhone's headset, press the button in the center of the microphone until you hear a series of beeps.
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