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How to Quit Verizon

How to Quit Verizonthumbnail Don't let a surprise contract fee leave you frustrated. Whether you want to change service providers or get rid of your cell service altogether, quitting Verizon is a fairly easy process; however, it can be costly. Because you sign a contract to obtain your cell service, Verizon can legally charge you money for breaking the contract and canceling your service. By understanding the process and the fees involved in cancellation, you won't be caught unaware with a hefty bill following cancellation.

Contact Verizon Wireless customer support at 1-800-Verizon, or 1-800-837-4966. Listen to the prompts and enter your phone number, then press "1" to speak directly with a customer service agent about your cell service.
Tell the agent that you'd like to cancel your Verizon service. If you're done with your contract, this won't cost anything -- just ask to stop your service and decline starting a new contract. However, opting out while your contract is still valid will cost you money: as of the time of publication, for a smartphone, you'll be charged a $350 cancellation fee minus $10 for every month that you were under contract; if you don't own a smartphone, the cancellation fee is $175 minus $5 for every month under contract.
Decline any special offers that the customer service agent suggests if you really want to quit Verizon. Agents are often instructed to offer incentives such as credits or new phones as a way to entice customers to stay with the company. If you need to quit, be firm and continue to ask for cancellation.
Continue monitoring your cell phone usage until the end of your billing cycle. Verizon cancellations are not instantaneous -- you'll still have service until the end of your billing cycle and will be held responsible for any charges that you accrue during that time.
Pay your final bill with Verizon. Call customer service once more to verify that your payment has been received and your account has been completely canceled.
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