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How to Get a Verizon Pin Fast Card

A Verizon fast card is a rechargeable, pre-paid, low-rate long distance PIN phone card that you can set up with PINless rather than PIN dialing for faster long-distance calling. After you set up the PINless feature, you can also switch back to PIN dialing whenever desired. Getting one of these cards isn't a complicated process as many retail outlets sell the cards. You only need to know the location of the closest retail store that offers the cards, or check the store's website, to get one.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1
Call Verizon's Prepaid Services customer contact number at 888-208-4185.
Provide the Verizon Prepaid Services agent with your ZIP code. The agent will search for retail stores closest to your location that carry Verizon prepaid long distance phone cards.
Contact the stores provided by the agent. Ask if the cards are in stock, or if you can purchase the cards online on the store's website.
Go to a store that sells the cards, or visit the store website, and purchase a card.
As of July 2011, Verizon doesn't offer an online store locator for prepaid, long distance phone cards. In addition, Verizon Wireless stores don't carry the cards.
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