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What Is the Verizon ESN?

 Every Verizon cellphone has an identification number to prevent fraudulent use. A Verizon electronic serial number, or ESN, is a unique number assigned to mobile phones that helps identify the validity of the device. Verizon verifies the ESN every time a call is placed or a phone is activated. According to the Telecommunications Industry Association, phones manufactured in the mid-2000s began transitioning from the use of ESNs to a newer Mobile Equipment IDentifier (MEID) standard.

A Verizon cellphone's ESN is a permanent number assigned to that device by the manufacturer. Verizon confirms the legitimacy of each mobile phone using its network by verifying the device's ESN each time a call is placed. This is done by checking the cellphone's ESN against a database of serial numbers approved for use on Verizon's network. The ESN also serves as a security measure to prevent unauthorized phones from being activated. If a cellphone was reported stolen or is being used on a different account, Verizon can determine that the device is not eligible for activation by checking its ESN.
The location of the ESN varies from one model of cellular phone to another, but commonly, it is printed on the back of the phone, sometimes under or below its battery. The ESN is also burned into the cellphone's microchip at the factory. The ESN is an 11-digit number, but it can also be represented in a hexadecimal (HEX) form comprised of a sequence of eight numbers and letters.
Mobile phones began transitioning from ESNs to Mobile Equipment Identifiers, or MEIDs, because manufacturers had run out of available number combinations. An MEID is typically found in the same location as an ESN and it is used in the same manner by Verizon. An MEID is comprised of a 14-digit combination of letters and numbers. The first character in an MEID is always a letter, from "A" through "F."
A cellphone's mobile identification number (MIN) is also communicated to Verizon along with its ESN. The MIN differs from the ESN because it can be altered by Verizon as needed, and is not linked strictly to a cellphone but also the person and account to which it has been assigned. The MIN helps identify each device being used on the network at any given time, and it is used in conjunction with an ESN to prevent unauthorized activity.
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