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How to Use a Droid Barcode Scanner for Inventory

The Android-based Droid smartphone line can use the cellphone camera as a barcode scanner, through the use of several applications that provide bar code databases for use. You can use the barcode scanner to keep track of your own inventory through the application on your phone. An already created barcode scanning application may serve your needs, or you can integrate your own with the packages already on the Market.

Difficulty:ModerateBarcode scanning and inventory applicationBarcode database loaded into the application1
Touch the applications button on your Droid's home screen to access your list of applications.
Touch your inventory application to launch it. Common scanning and inventory programs include Barcode & Inventory and Inventory Barcode Scanner.
Position the bar code on your product so that it can easily be seen and accessed. Press the scanner button in the software, unless it automatically opens the scanner up.
Hold your Droid phone so that the barcode rests entirely in the box on your phone's screen. Hold it there for a moment until the barcode is read and the scanner beeps. The barcode is processed by the application and compared against your inventory.
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