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How to Make Your Cellphone Stop Roaming

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 Save money by disabling roaming on your cell phone when you're traveling abroad. Roaming allows users of one cellphone carrier network to make phone calls or use data services on another network whilst abroad. This means you can continue to access email and the Internet with your cellphone when you leave the country for a vacation or foreign business trip. The overseas carrier network will charge you each time you access data on its network, and it's easy to ratchet up significant charges if your phone's email application or other online services access the Internet automatically. One way to keep control of data charges while you're overseas is to switch off automatic roaming on your cellphone before you leave the country.Difficulty:Moderately Easy1 Tap the "Menu" application button on your cellphone's home screen, or press the "Menu" key on the keypad.
2 Select "Settings" from the main menu. On some makes of cellphone, you can tap or click "Settings" from the home screen.
3 Tap or click "Wireless and Networks," or just "Network" on some cellphones.
4 Tap or click "Mobile Networks."
5 Tap or click the check box beside "Data Roaming" to deselect and untick this option. On some makes of cellphone, move the slider from the "On" to the "Off" position.
Always consult the user manual for your specific make and model of cellphone. All cellphones that offer a data connection allow users to switch off the automatic roaming function, and you'll usually find this in the "Network" section of the phone's settings menu.
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