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How to Put Web on a Flashed Metro Phone

Access the Web anywhere with MetroPCS. MetroPCS is a prepaid plan offered throughout the United States. If you recently flashed your mobile phone with this company, you may already have an account set up. To access your emails and websites, add Web to your phone. You need to contact MetroPCS to add a data plan to your account. Unfortunately, you cannot do it online. A data plan prevents you from going over your data usage, especially if you tend to use the Internet a lot.

Contact MetroPCS at 888-Metro-8. Verify your account information with the representative.
Tell the representative that you would like to include Web with your account. Provide your Social Security number, PIN number and mobile phone number.
Disconnect your call after the service is complete. Reboot your phone to update the service.
Access your phone's main menu. Navigate to "Internet" or "Mobile Web." Launch the Web browser and enter a website address.
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