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How to Get My Ringback to Work on Verizon

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 A Verizon ringback tone can entertain your friends with music when they call you. With ringback tones you can replace the default "ring" sound that someone hears when they're calling your Verizon Wireless cellphone with your song of choice. Verizon Wireless charges a small fee to purchase ringback tones, which will appear on your monthly statement. Ringback tones are stored remotely, unlike general ringtones, as they are a service of the network and not your cellphone itself. You are limited to 100 ringback tones per account and are able to customize them in a variety of ways via Verizon's website.Difficulty:Moderately EasyVerizon Wireless online account1 Open the Verizon Media Store in your Web browser and sign in to your Verizon Wireless account by clicking on "Sign In" in the upper-right corner and entering your information.
2 Place your cursor over "Manage," located in the middle of the screen, near the top. This will display several options.
3 Choose "My Ringback Tones" from the options given.
4 Select a ringback tone from the list of available tones that you have purchased.
5 Click "Save Changes" to confirm your ringback tone selection.
Call your cellphone from another phone to ensure that your ringback tone has been updated and is playing for incoming callers.
You can customize ringback tones to play for specific callers. Up to 25 caller-specific ringback tones can be set. You can also set ringback tones to play only at specific times of the day, or change your ringback tone to a different song after a certain hour.
A ringback tone jukebox can be created to rotate ringback tones randomly each time you receive a call.
You only have license to use a ringback tone for one year from the date of purchase. You will be required to repurchase the ringback tone at that time to continue using it.
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