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How to Reset a Verizon Cell Phone's Greeting

Verizon Wireless customers receive digital voice mail as part of all Verizon monthly calling plans. The digital voice mail service allows you to record a customized greeting message. At times, you may want to change or reset this greeting message and record a new message. You can reset your voice mail's greetings by accessing your personal options from the voice mail menu.

Press "*86" followed by the "SEND" button on your Verizon Wireless phone.
Enter your Verizon voice mail password.
Press the "4" key on your cellular phone to access your personal options.
Press the "3" key on your phone to access your greeting.
Press the "1" key to change your greeting.
Press the "3" key to record a new greeting.
Wait for the beep and then record your new greeting message by speaking into your cellular phone. Press the "#" key when you finish recording your message. The voice mail system will automatically play back your new message. If you want to keep your new message, press the "#" key. If you want to record a new message, press the "*" key and repeat this step. You have now reset your Verizon voice mail greeting.
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