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How to Remove a Subscription Game on a Verizon Cellphone

Some Verizon Wireless games give you the option of a recurring monthly subscription instead of buying a game. The cost of a single month is less than the cost of the game. If you only play the game for a short time, you can save money with a subscription if you cancel it quickly. Remove the subscription through the Media Center or Get It Now menu in the phone.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1
Press or tap the "Menu" option and select "Media Center." Older phones call this option "Get It Now."
Open "Get Apps" and select "Options" or "Settings." On some phones, you may need to click or tap the shopping cart icon to get the "Options" or "Settings" selection.
Select the game you want to cancel and press "Disable," "Remove," "Erase" or "Cancel Subscription."
Select "OK" or "Yes" to confirm the cancellation.
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