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How to Use Your Nurit 2085 Credit Card Machine With Your Blackberry

 Accept credit cards anywhere with a Blackberry. The Nurit 2085 is a stationary credit card machine that has no ability to sync with a Blackberry. So if your business is mobile and needs to receive payment for services at any time and place, you need to rely on credit card apps and swipers for smartphones such as the Blackberry. Businesses with merchant accounts through credit card machines can use their Blackberry devices to swipe customers' cards anywhere with Internet access.

Download a credit card app from Blackberry's App World. There are several to choose from, with more developing as the demand increases for mobile credit card payment. They vary in terms of monthly cost, security, and interchange fees. The company that created the app you choose will link your current merchant ID with the credit card app account.
Purchase a credit card swiper for your Blackberry. Because your Nurit 2085 cannot be attached to or linked with your Blackberry, you must purchase a credit card swiper that will plug into the Blackberry audio jack and work with the purchased app from Step 1.
Plug the credit card swiper into your Blackberry and launch the credit card app.
Purchase a wireless card reader to print receipts from the Blackberry app transaction.
Research by the Yankee Group, which specializes in mobile and digital services, warns that credit cards taken via smartphones are less secure with information than credit card machines.
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