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Why Is New BlackBerry Awesome?

BlackBerry had evolved into its new avatar as BlackBerry 10, a fully touch enabled Smartphone that is said to take the technology market by storm. The enhanced UI, security essentials and other added features are something that RIM swears by. Let us find out about this device and look at the OS of this Smartphone.

Security Essentials

RIM has powered BlackBerry 10 with a security feature, lock screen. This feature enables in securing user data and simultaneously allow user to add shot-cuts to the home screen for quick access. For example, you have added calendar appointments, BBM or new messages to the home screen; you will still be able to access them while the screen is locked. The gesture capability included in the new version of BlackBerry facilitates in easily accessing OS and other functionalities.

New Software

The new UI in the latest BlackBerry 10 is called the FLOW. This UI is essential as it helps in establishing communication between apps. For example, if you have not interacted with a friend from some time then the system will automatically recognize it and provide updates on their latest activity. This will include their whereabouts and their social interactions.

Flow is proactive software that involves pinning active frames to the home screen, this enables in updating of information in real-time. A user can easily check out the latest update with a swipe. Another feature by the name of BlackBerry Peek allows a user to shrink viewing box while using an app to help access other icons or features. This way you are still in the app and will be able to check up on other updates as well.

The Hub

Responsive, simple and easy to use features are incorporated in the new version of BlackBerry for user convenience including the Hub. To reveal the BlackBerry Hub you just need to slide upwards. BlackBerry 10 has added a powerful feature that includes a master inbox. The inbox incorporates all the major communication features together like, e-mail, messages, Facebook, alerts and many more. Press on the alert message and a side bar is revealed that contains response options, delete and share buttons.

New Web browser

An enhanced version of BlackBerry comes loaded with a new browser, The HTML5. This browser is designed in a way that it is said to be better in its performance against Chrome Canary. HTML5 gives a smooth browsing experience and makes switching between pages easier. Additionally, you have an instant sharing option to social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and BBM with one touch. You can even choose to go for the basic version of HTML for lighter browsing.

Camera Feature

RIM has yet not revealed about the camera quality included in the latest version of BlackBerry. However, new camera feature like rewind is included; this feature helps in correcting error in a picture. This feature allows capturing a series of shots in one go giving you the ability to alter a picture. For example, you captured a picture where your friend blinked the moment you shot the picture, now using the rewind feature you can scroll back to the time when their eyes were open. This is how Rewind feature helps by restoring the moment and help correct a picture.

Enterprise and Personal balance

RIM has managed to design a feature called the BlackBerry Balance. This feature enables in providing a balance between enterprise and personal information. Any information regarding the enterprise will be kept secure from personal apps access. Similarly, personal information is organized separately from the business information. For example, your business data cannot be copied and shared in personal apps or e-mail messages. This is how the business information is limited to business network and is kept safe from private access. Additionally you can set a password to enterprise and personal information separately.

RIM has incorporated all the awesome features in its new BlackBerry 10 that are user friendly as well as adds to the security of a user. For the above reasons it can be said that BlackBerry10 is awesome.

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