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Reverse Lookup Cell Phone Number to Name and Address

Reverse cell phone number lookup services are becoming a popular way to find out a lot of information about just who is calling on the other end of your phone line. A reverse phone lookup service will let you input a phone number to lookup the name and address registered to that phone number. Some lookup services will also provide other details with your search.

With just a telephone number you can find out information that can identify callers who don't necessarily want to be identified. This is very useful if you are receiving prank calls, spammy calls, or even if you think your spouse might be cheating. Thanks to these services you can take control of the situation and take the necessary steps to make the calls stop.

Prank callers used to be able to hide behind a curtain of anonymity that protected them from the repercussions of their actions. Now victims of prank calls can use the cell phone number that appears on the caller id or phone bill to do a reverse lookup and locate the tormentor.

By plugging the cell phone number into the service site they can access the name of the caller and even their location. If the calls are threatening in any way, the police can be involved so the victim no longer has to suffer the torment of unwanted calls. This also works for spam calls that used automated dialing systems to send lots of sales type calls to a phone number. Victims are no longer powerless to stop these annoying calls thanks to reverse lookup services.

If you suspect your spouse may be cheating and see a particular number listed on the phone bill more often than you'd like, simply plug the number into a reverse cell phone lookup site. You can then obtain the callers details and verify if there is something inappropriate going on before confronting your spouse. Using the service may provide you with answers you don't necessarily want to hear, but at least you will be able to take charge of the situation instead of feeling helpless about it.

Reverse cell phone lookup services can be helpful in stopping unwanted calls from pranksters or spammers, and they can also help confirm if a spouse is being unfaithful. These sites give the victims of these situations the power to change them for their own benefit, and potentially make a bad situation much better.

Not only can you reverse lookup cell phone numbers, but you can also lookup phone numbers by name at http://www.cellphoneregistry.org/

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