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The Evolution of Concert Coverage Through Smartphones

With the advancement of mobile technology to date, people are now more than ever relying on their handheld digital devices to record and share their experiences at concerts to their friends and ultimately the world in just seconds of tapping a few icons. Application developers for such devices on platforms such as Windows, IOS, Google Android and Blackberry have taken extra steps in making their applications stand out. From building interactive maps of the locations involved to showing times of when specific bands were going to be playing and utilizing your built in GLONASS GPS to guide you to where you could buy tickets all the while allowing you to share the information to friends via social media and networking integrated into your smartphones.

Just attend any live concert to date and you shall notice that there are now only few that would carry along a stand alone camera with the majority of the crowd creating a sea of mobile digital data devices such as smartphones, tablets and more trying to capture the memories they are experiencing at the moment to their friends and family. Simply point your browsers to the video of concerts in Youtube and you shall get to see the multitude of people's personal video uploads of concerts they have attended. In the past, many would have argued that people wont be able to enjoy the concert if you are busy filming the experience, but that ideology now has changed.

Mobile Digital Devices such as Smartphones and Tablet PCs have really changed the way people capture those special moments. The camera and video capabilities of these devices are now at par and even at times much better than the regular cameras that are now currently being sold. There are even some such as the Nokia Pure View 808 which has slr like lenses capturing photos at 41MP per shot. All other high end mobile phones such as the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 are capable of handling 1080p video recordings and taking high resolution snapshots during the recording time. Instagram, streamzoo, camera360 and many more camera applications that provide SLR like filters to the shots taken add more to value to the experience as it is saved and shared.

During concert downtime, people are now becoming amateur reporters. You would see many that have taken personal videos sharing and commenting on their experience to the friends that they are connected to in mediums such as twitter, facebook, instagram and many more. Making it easy for others to experience the event themselves even if they are miles away. There are even concerts that allow the audience to tweet their thoughts and shout it out into the concert's big screen for everyone to see.

It is amazing to see how much mobility of data through mobile devices such as Smartphones have changed the way people experience events such as live concerts. It redefines the way people share those special moments to everyone they are open to sharing it with. People are now more demanding of time and communication, which is what these devices have provided. Whether it be for the good or bad it is definitely here to stay and is expected to evolve. With Google now developing Google Glasses and Apple following in pursuit which am sure many of the other manufacturers are secretly developing themselves, I believe that the future still has many more surprises up its sleeve. How this will change covering concerts and events, what we see now is just a tip of the iceberg.

Ron Jacobsen is an advocate of business and technology, he writes about how technology influences performing concert coverage studies. Civicom is a mobile qualitative research provider that uses the latest in marketing research technology in facilitating marketing research studies.

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