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Advanced Capabilities of Leading Mobile Device Management Systems

A system for managing mobile devices can be a huge time and money saver for a business. With this system in place, corporate leaders and information workers can focus on their main responsibilities and more easily coordinate with other departments. Little time will be required to compile and analyze data because the mobile device management system does most of the legwork, presenting the desired type of data and relevant reporting in easy-to-read formats. More advanced systems offer additional capabilities that enable businesses to stay ahead of the game.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

To manage communications more effectively, a business must focus on two things. Reporting is the first and involves having all required information available in a short time, presented through an interface that is easy to understand and use. Having the most relevant information readily available is the second aspect. Information workers should not have to dig around to find the information they need. The whole point of automating device management is to make things easier for administrators.

Device management system dashboards provide snapshots of the data considered most important. Administrators can quickly identify usage patterns and expense trends that require further investigation. Email notifications issued through the system alert administrators to areas that need their immediate attention. Telecommunication and data plans can be altered based on the findings, keeping expenses as low as possible.

Workflow Automation

These systems should make it easier to manage mobile communications. Automating workflow is an advanced feature that accomplishes this goal. This streamlines the entire mobile management process, beginning with the submission of an order. Automated approval processing can be built into a system, as can purchase order notification for companies utilizing this ordering method. A system can even interface with a variety of vendors to fulfill orders in a timely, labor-free manner.

By incorporating the existing manual process of mobile device procurement into a device management system, companies save themselves a huge amount of time. The system takes over the roles previously performed by information workers, allowing these employees to focus on their primary responsibilities. A system that is set up properly will basically run itself in terms of device procurement.

Enterprise System Integration

The best mobile device management systems can be integrated with accounting and other enterprise systems. Getting mobile device cost center reports into accounting software is no longer a frustrating process because comma separated value reports can be exported quite easily. This reduces time spent entering data and preparing bills. Direct integration may even be available, eliminating time and effort required to get data from one system to another.

This process enables corporate departments to collaborate rather than working against each other. Accounting will get the information it needs whenever necessary, without having to hound information workers for the data. Streamlining this aspect of the mobile management process is reason enough to take advantage of the advanced features of a device management system. Communication management takes on a new meaning when the right people receive relevant and comprehensive information in almost real-time.

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