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Samsung Galaxy Note II: A Tablet or a Phone?

Convergence of gadgets is something that is an ongoing process in the technology market. Following the same trend Samsung has came out with Galaxy Note II that is more like a Phone + Tablet. At one glance this gadget may seem like a tablet but the next moment when you see someone receiving a call you may conclude it is a phone. It seems here that Samsung has blurred the difference between phone and a tablet. This is something that is successful in attracting majority of techno geeks attention towards it. Not only this but it does seem eye-catchy. Let us find out more about this product.

Design and Form

We all are quite familiar with the Galaxy S III and anyone who has had the chance to have a good look at it will agree that Galaxy Note II is somewhat closer in design and form. The form is closer to S III with rounded corner, gloss finish, bubbled screen, bezels; the only thing to set it apart is the size and a stylus.

The screen of Note II measures 5.55-inch HD (Super AMOLED) with 1,280x720 pixels all this makes is wider than S III. The first thing that will catch your eye and have you gaping is the beautiful screen that is immaculate in displaying pictures and content clearly. So when you take pictures from its 8MP camera you will not feel disappointed. The camera and screen display performance is impressive.

Even though it is larger than a phone in its size but still you will be able to grip it due to its curved sides. Maybe this is the reason why choosing to answer your call with a Bluetooth is a better option than actually holding the device close to your phone. Even after being sleek and trendy you may find it rather odd to hold it against your ears. Therefore, for the same reason investing in a Bluetooth enabled headset is a good option.
Interestingly it is because of its large size that you need not go on buying a tab for yourself. Think about owning a tab with mobile phone capabilities. You can easily carry it around in a flip-case; this helps providing support for holding and makes a lot easier for a user to communicate with the device.

Galaxy Note II comes in two colors, titanium gray and marble white. You can navigate via physical home button that is located just below the screen. It also includes capacitive buttons for return and menu.

Enhanced S Pen

Galaxy Note II comes with a stylus called the S Pen. It comes handy for jotting or scribbling notes and accessing some functions. The tip of S Pen is touch sensitive despite having a rubber coating, its grooved button and flat sides make it easier to handle and navigate through icons. You can easily access the menu and blow up the thumbnail images that are saved in the gallery.

The phone is sensitive to the change as soon as you slide out the stylus. Selecting text is easier by press and drag. Other things like Web link and flipping pictures is relatively easier with this stylus. This makes it easier to jot down personal notes or set reminders. Additionally you can also utilize the keyboard for adding notes to your calendar.

Additional Software

Samsung has loaded its Galaxy Note II with many new additional software and even updated the existing features. For instance, the Pop-up play is something that enables immediately accessing or popping up video from Gallery to the window. You can now easily re-size and zoom with the pinch feature. It is relatively easier to resume, pause and close a video via stylus.

Interestingly the feature of S Beam too is impressive, especially when it comes to transferring content to other Galaxy Note II device. Another interesting thing that Samsung has done is adding a special camera feature. Best Group Photo is a functionality that chooses the best out of numerous pictures and helps creating a collage with best pictures.


Galaxy Note II has the following specs:

• 1.6 GHz quad-core (Exynos 4 processor)
• Storage comes in: 64 GB, 32GB and 16GB
• 3,100mAh battery capable of giving an output of 10-12 hours


For all the above given specifications about Samsung Galaxy Note II one thing is for sure that this product will grab your attention and you would want to buy it. Think about what you are getting in terms of technology and the hardware. Galaxy Note II gives you a bigger screen size, a tab/phone, good camera quality, impressive display and amazing battery backup.

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