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Are We Becoming Too Smartphone Dependent?

The development of telecommunications was the work of Alexander Graham Bell, the person responsible for developing the first phone. Since then, telephone technology evolved drastically allowing people to create rotary phones to the first wireless free phones. Now in the year 2012, smartphones dominate the market with different brands advertising their functionality. More and more people are switching over to these phones as they are more convenient, light and portable. Quite frankly, many people have becoming addicted to the device dictating their every move and constantly engaging them in social networks across the board.

Almost everywhere you go, people are playing with their smartphones. Most of the time, people use the phone to sign into social media networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Others use the device to play games, mainly casual games to kill time. Although as an interesting fact, smartphones are now not being used to call but rather, a more popular method is IM (instant messaging) and a portable computer.

However, the mass majority of people who do have smart phones are teenagers to young adults. As smartphones are easily concealed and wireless connections are now abundant, teenagers use phones in class to talk to one another. The phones will not be used to perform research or any type of practical use. Other teens will use the device as a mere gaming platform.

Adults tend to use smartphones for video streaming, checking mail or communicating with clients. Adults do not particularly use social media websites to chat with friends. Websites such as Facebook are geared toward a younger audience. However, that does not exclude adults from using the website altogether. From case studies, adults will use Facebook as a means to chat with family members or in some grim instances, monitor their child's social activities.

The advantages of these phones come with disadvantages. One of the disadvantages being many people tend to forget phone numbers. When received a call, numbers are saved immediately under the contact name. However when asked to write down the number, people tend to forget and must reference their phone. Another listed disadvantage is the inability to tell time by reading an analog clock. For example, many do not know the meaning of: half-past, quarter-to, ten-to and so forth. People cannot tell the time without checking the phone. In worse case scenarios, without a digital clock, people fail to tell the time altogether.

In conclusion, in today's technological society people are depending on their smartphone to do everything per say. Whether it is checking the time, saving numbers, browsing social media sites, people are constantly on the go with their phone in hand. As consequence, the dependency on the phone increases while traditional methods such as writing down important things or telling the time are now considered obsolete. The more time spent on the internet, it is not surprising that society is turning its ugly head.

Individuals are becoming more ignorant and clueless without the help of their phone. Hence, with applications aimed to draw in more customers, people will always find something to do on the internet whether it will be practical or not. Phone dependency increases leaving behind activities that people used to enjoy prior to holding a handheld.

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