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The US Government Helps Through Assurance Wireless

It's very easy to see how difficult things are everywhere. In Europe the economy is very unstable and in some countries things are getting very dangerous. The economy in Latin America is no better than Europe or the United States.

The poverty in Europe right now affects more than 80 million people. Over 174 million poor people in Latin America and in United States are below poverty level, and this problem increased in 2012 in US by 33 million people. The good news is that a great percentage of these less fortunate people in America are considered in relative poverty, which means people being above some relative income threshold.

Even when unemployment is down by 7.8% in September 2012 in the United States, there are many families that still cannot get a job. They are not able to get a job easily and that is why the government has created the opportunity to help them. The main objective is to prevent these families from falling into "absolute poverty line" which is when families or individuals are considered to be lacking the resources to meet even the basic needs for healthy living.

To prevent poverty on a big scale, the government created the Social Security Programs. It's important for the economy that the unemployed get a new job as soon as possible. Without being able to afford a phone, people may not be able to communicate, even for things like job interviews. People need to communicate with the companies they are applying the job for and Assurance Wireless makes it possible to get this service for free.

Like other assistance programs, assurance wireless is sometimes criticized. In my opinion, people can't see that these are often necessary measures in the battle against poverty. This program connects the unemployed with the jobs; also help them communicate with emergency services and families.

Right now there are a lot of people that are very grateful with Assurance Wireless. I know because I run a website that serves as a guide to apply for their services and I get positive comments very often. Eligible people get a free phone, which includes free minutes and free text, and there are low cost options to pay for additional minutes and text. Users don't have to worry about bills to pay and long term contract.

This program is for low income individuals only, and some requirements are necessary. To be eligible the person applying needs to show proof of low income, permanent addresses, and to prove that they belong to one or more social security program. It is also limited to one service for household.

I can only imagine that from the 33 million people with low income, many do not know or hear about Assurance wireless. There must be thousands of families needing a phone. In my opinion, the government is doing a very good thing helping people with this program. There is no reason why these families should have an opportunity of living a better life.

Unfortunately there are Assurance Wireless users who do not give the proper use of the program. These kinds of attitudes cause others to take a wrong idea of the program and be rejected by some people. For the good of many, I hope Assurance wireless gets better at catching these violators; so many more can continue using the service for the improvement of their situation.

Jorge Cruz writes special articles in government free phones and how to get free phone from the government.

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