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Cell Phones And Your Business

With Voice over IP Technology imbedded as the solution of choice today for communication in the work place what impact does IP have in the cellular world and how can it impact your business to help it grow and operate more productively? Living in Atlanta I can tell you the thought of getting into the daily traffic clog to get to work or conduct my business is a depressing thought. Working from home is becoming more common than not today. Companies are willing to support more and more employees as their mobile workforce and cell phones are the link to this strategy continuing.

Smart Phones are capable of accessing the Internet so voice calling is no longer the single option for a user. Mobile data is providing all they need to become productive from anywhere. Leveraging IP and Unified Communications over the cellular network can easily build your mobile work force into the virtual powerhouse for which many companies strive. Mobile Voice over IP is becoming integrated as a standard with companies deploying the latest in IP phone systems for their enterprises. Being able to use voice, presence management, conferencing, along with sharing data no matter where you are is the platform that will drive the success of incorporating mobility into your everyday business strategy.

Employees today either have their own Smart Phone or one is provided by their company. The big challenge is keeping the cost of cell phones down. If you are going to make cellular technology part of your business strategy then keeping costs low and leveraging IP and Wi-Fi can help. However conditions exist today for most companies to take advantage of this combined in house and mobile solution.

Smart Phone plans are loaded with free data plans, long distance and with Wi-Fi hot spots virtually everywhere secure connections are no problem. Mobile phone suppliers have continued to lower the cost of hardware and, the cellular companies are so competitive to try and capture your business, affordable mobile solutions are available from everyone. Leveraging cell phones into your everyday IP phone system is also now available with most IP platforms and this can go a long way in helping you reduce overall communication costs relative to International calling, long distance and overage charges.

Employees today, especially in smaller to mid-size companies are expected to be on call for virtually all of the services their companies provide. Being able to reach them wherever they are located at almost any time can easily improve the productivity and customer service of an organization. Better decisions will be made faster, with more reliability and effectiveness.

Utilizing an IP phone system that can integrate the everyday desk top applications an employee has, and move it to his/her mobile phone, gives you a competitive advantage in the workplace. These mobile applications are not costly and are easy and seamless to deploy. Smart phones can have visual applications that reflect the software clients available for desktop phones. They can perform functions like recording calls, multiple conferencing, tracking information on in and outbound calls and much more to provide the firm with the communication information it needs to stay competitive and highly productive in this communicate now business environment.

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Ron Focazio - Senior Partner, NovaCom Business Communications

With the workplace becoming more mobile every day you need to take advantage of the integration of cellular networks with your own IP phone system. This will enhance the productivity of your employees. It will improve the customer experience your clients have with your organization. Ask us about this at NovaCom.

If you want to know more about this application visit my website above or contact me directly at ron@novacom-inc.com or call me at 678-776-1076

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