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The Mystique of the iPhone 5

If you are a particular technology buff, or simply have been keeping up with the latest news, it may seem that when looking at headlines every other day you are barraged by all the rumors and speculation surrounding the iPhone 5. There are insiders in the industry pinpointing the release date somewhere in late September, creating frenzy among those who are already eager in getting their hands on it as soon as possible. Some may wonder; why is this such a big event? Not long ago had Apple released the iPhone 4S, and it is unlikely that this newest breed would be the last in their line of stylish yet savvy devices. Many may feel that such hype over the release of yet another extension of a technology product line is over the top, and may not comprehend it.

However, this phenomenon is more understandable when we see Apple's track record. Given the stellar history of Apple products, and the way it has amassed a steady and loyal fan base, it is easy to see that this latest release is indeed one which is highly anticipated. And if certain accounts are to be trusted, the iPhone 5 will boast features not yet found in any product currently on the market.

Better visuals are always something everyone looks for in a smartphone. Rumors have it that the iPhone 5 screen will be a four-incher, making it slightly bigger than the 3.5 inch screen it has flaunted in Apple's previous phones. Not only the size; the quality is also set to be improved. More pixels are integrated into the screen, and this would make activities such as game playing, web browsing, to GPS usage more enjoyable.

Another feature which makes for a winning gadget is practicality. No one wants to carry around a heavy cellphone which needs to be charged every half an hour. The iPhone 5 is rumored to be much thinner to its predecessors, without sacrificing the touch-screen which as somewhat became their signature feature. Some also speculate that the phone will be hardier, as the fragile glass on the back of the iPhone 4S is going to be replaced with a metal back. Its batteries are also allegedly slight larger than the iPhone 4S.

Going into more technical details, this newest line of iPhone is highly anticipated due to its use of the iOS 6, which will optimize application use better than its previous versions. This phone's wireless prowess is also said to be superior. Its downloading speed will theoretically reach 72 Megabits per second, and its use of near-field communication device will allow users to pay at certain stores with just a tap of the phone. Now, given these highly promising speculations, the hype surrounding the iPhone 5 release date is more understandable.

Around the globe, technology info has always been widely coveted as they help make our lives easier. The latest development everyone is anticipating is on the iPhone 5 release date; stay updated by visiting our site.

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