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Is Assurance Wireless a Good Program?

This program is intended to provide communication means to those who can prove they have low incomes. The U.S. Government's concern is that you have the opportunity to get phone service. With the telephone service, which can be wired or wireless, you can get jobs opportunities, stay in touch with your family, and call any emergency service. This can very helpful for you and your family and it is free.

Some critics of this program are calling it "a thinly disguised communist giveaway", "Assurance cell phones help criminals stay in touch". Some of these thoughts could be true, but unfortunately there are a lot of people that really can use it for good purposes. Many families can get great benefits from Assurance Wireless.

Then we find people who qualify the customer service as a negative experience. But the program is very useful for those who use it. Everybody knows that there are no perfect companies. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why some people getting a free service complain so much. Another complaint is that Assurance Wireless will not allow using other phones other than the one they gave you. If that is the case there is no problem just use it and keep your phone until you use it again.

Assurance Wireless writes clearly what you get, even what kind of phone you can have. They also write that there are certain models of phones you're not able to use. You can use your phone for one year and you get your free minutes and text every month. After one year it is necessary to renew papers to get new plan. You can lose the service if you do not use the phone. All the minutes and text you get are valid only for one month.

It's very important for you to understand that it will be necessary to prove that you are a low income person. To be eligible, every state has different criteria. Assurance Wireless is not available in all the states, is in 32 states (Check the list of the states in Assurance Wireless Web). Probably you will need to provide a copy of your last federal income tax or any other proof of your financial situation.
It also helps to be enrolled in one or more assistance programs like for example, Medicaid, Food Stamps and others.

Virgin Mobile is the company that offers the Assurance Wireless program. You can contact Virgin Mobile directly if you want get the service or call them directly to 1-888-898-4888.

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