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How to Find Your Lost Phone - Even When It's on Silent

Nowadays it seems as though our mobile phones are almost extensions of ourselves. Which means that if you lose your mobile phone there's a sense of panic that comes over you. What if you've lost all those numbers and photos? Because you're long overdue for a backup as always.

If your phone isn't on silent, the usual trick is to phone it. So long as it's within earshot, you should be able to track it down or at least work your way closer to it before the answering machine kicks in and the ringing stops.

But if your phone is on silent, that's not an option you can use. OK, if it vibrates then there's a chance you'll hear it rocking around somewhere but the distance that the vibration noises carry is a lot less than even a quiet ring tone.

Start by retracing your steps

It sounds obvious but when you're in a cold sweat over your missing phone the obvious sometimes leaves through the nearest exit.

Calm yourself down first and go through your mind where you've been recently. Then physically retrace your steps. Remembering that lost phones work much the same way as lost keys - they can easily hide in the biggest, most open, spaces. Let alone somewhere smaller.

Double check all the usual places

Pockets are good hiding places for cell phones. If you're male then the chances are that the number of possible pockets is high. All the different pockets and flaps in the latest gear provide the perfect hiding spot for a badly behaving cell phone.

While you're at it, check your briefcase or man bag (or handbag if you're a lady) and your cars' glove compartment.

Add in the other places that you put stuff such as your normal hiding places for keys, glasses, etc. Just in case you put your phone in one of those locations by mistake.

Get a friend to help you with the searches - a second pair of eyes always comes in handy with this kind of search. Make sure that they check the places that you claim you've already checked and vice versa.

Listen for interference

This ones a long shot but, if you've got this far through the list, it may be one of the few things you've got left.

Mobile phones interfere with some electronic devices - old fashioned transistor radios, those kind of things.

Find a device that crackles or buzzes or otherwise lets you know it's not getting a perfect signal. Turn it on loud enough that you can hear any change and then call your number.

Wander around the most likely places with your improvised tracker whilst calling your cell phone.

As I said, it's a long shot but it could mean that you discover where your silent phone is hiding this time.

Wait for the battery to run low

This is an even longer shot and could take a while unless yours is a smartphone that eats batteries for breakfast.

Some - but unfortunately by no means all - cell phones bleep when they are running low on power. Even when they're on silent although this varies by model.

If you're in luck, this faint bleep could lead you to finding your lost, silent, cell phone. Good luck!

Ideally you wouldn't lose your phone in the first place. Get help to remember your phone more often and check out these ideas on how to remember your phone.

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