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Get Free Phone With Assurance Wireless

What is Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless is a government program that provides a free cellphone, free minutes and free texts for its users. This service is part of the Universal Service Fund, which provides phone plans for consumers who qualify.

This program aims to help people by giving them the opportunity and security of a phone service to connect to jobs, family and emergency services. This assistance is given those who can prove they are earning minimum wage.

Other requirements must be followed for obtaining such support. As already described, if you are approved you get free minutes and texts each month.

Coverage under this plan is not available in all states and conditions vary by state, but it is expected that sometime in the future it will be nationwide.

How Assurance Wireless works?

People who qualify for this service can receive a free handset, 250 minutes per month free for domestic use only and 250 free text messages.

This program works without a long term contract; there are no bills to pay. Upon approval of the application and once the phone is activated you will immediately receive the first free minutes and texts and continue to receive the same amount each month.

If you need more minutes or texts you can purchase them and rates vary depending on how many additional minutes or texts you need. You can also access an international calling service for an additional fee, which is not included in the initial plan.

Assurance Wireless account does not work with Android phones, Blackberry, because these platforms are not used in these accounts.

This program is available for everyone and any American citizen that can provide proof of low income. Also you should be eligible and qualify in one of many aid programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, Food Stamps and many others (The list is available at the Assurance Wireless website).

If you find you qualify then you are welcome to apply for a set amount of free minutes and texts given to you every month.

Eligibility for this program varies at the discretion of each state and you may need to provide proof to be approved, for example, a copy of your last federal income tax or other document that proves your financial situation. For more information go directly to the Assurance Wireless website.

Exceptions and regulations
You can only take one program for household.
Telephone service can be wired or wireless, but not both.
Consumer Violators may also be subject to criminal and / or civil.

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