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Choosing the Right Samsung Fascinate Cases

Samsung Fascinate cases are available in a wide array of colors, patterns, materials, styles and even shapes, and when shopping for Samsung Fascinate cases, choice is precisely what you want. On the flipside, however, all of those options can make the selection process extremely difficult, and the last thing you want to do is make a poor choice, resulting in scratches or even worse damage to your phone.

Looking at the Samsung Fascinate, the first words that come to mind are sleek and powerful. The form is both practical and stylish, and the Super AMOLED touch screen is a superb specimen. Under the hood, it has a 1GHz processor, it provides a fantastic multimedia experience, and it even serves as a mobile hotspot. This is exactly the kind of smartphone that you want at your side all day.

Of course, the Fascinate doesn't come cheap. In fact, without a service contract subsidizing the price, you might pay as much $600. This is a leading edge computing device with a sticker price to match. So Samsung Fascinate cases are more than a convenience; they're a way to ensure that you get as much value out of your smartphone as possible.

The key is to choose the right case, and choosing the right one from all the available Samsung Fascinate cases means selecting a case that complements both the phone and your usage pattern. There's little doubt that skins are one of the sexiest options available for the Fascinate, but if you work on a construction site all day, chances are, a skin is probably the worst choice you can make.

Before choosing, there are four questions to answer. The first is, is the case compatible? Don't assume. All licensed Samsung Fascinate cases are, but there are plenty of knockoffs on the market. Since they're lower quality, they're less precise, which means they may block ports, indicators or other functionality.

Next, is the case comfortable and ergonomic? No matter how attractive or protective a case is, it's not good if it makes the phone too difficult to use. If you can't find one that's protective and comfortable enough, then you might consider going with a holster solution, which is a best-of-both-worlds approach. You can even combine a holster with skins and screen protectors to great effect.

Thirdly, what level of protection does the case provide? If there's the potential for steep drops, then you should consider a rubberized case or a holster than can prevent the drop in the first place. If you're a casual user, a skin may be enough, but ABS plastic cases are inexpensive, provide enough protection for most users and tend not to interfere with usage.

Finally, does the case include screen protection? Many Samsung Fascinate cases do. Do you need screen protection? If so, does the case have it, or is it compatible with the screen protection you want to use. Screen protection is important, so don't make this decision casually. If you make the choice independently, it might force you to not use screen protection or to use inadequate protection.

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