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The Apple iPhone 4S And HTC One X - Flagship Smartphones Head To Head

Apple and HTC are two of the biggest players in the smartphone market. In this article I will demonstrate the differences between the latest flagship phone from each manufacturer, to see how their technologies differ, and to help you choose between the two if you are in the market for a new smartphone.

iPhone 4S
Apple's most successful product launch to date is the iPhone 4S. This has the same styling as its successful predecessor, the iPhone 4, but packs a number of innovative new features like the voice activated personal assistant called Siri, wireless streaming of files between all your Apple device via iCloud, and an all new 8 megapixel camera. The operating system of choice is f course the latest version of iOS (version 5), which is Apple's smartphone and tablet optimised platform. This is well known for its ease of use, and of course access to hundreds of thousands of apps via the famous AppStore. The retina display also makes an appearance on this device just like on the iPhone 4. This provides outstanding display quality, albeit on a small screen, at 3.5 inches. Under the hood, a dual core 1GHz Apple A5 processor ensures top notch performance from all manner of the phone's hardware and software alike. Apple only releases one phone a year, which gives it plenty of time to bring new innovations to its winning formula. With a rumoured release date of Autumn 2012, the iPhone 5 looks set to be just as, if not more popular, and at this point we can only imagine what we will see from what will no doubt be the biggest tech release of the year.

HTC recently unveiled its new 'One' range at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, the mobile technology trade show attended by a number of notable manufacturers. The HTC One X is the flagship handset of the range, and HTC's top end Android phone outright. Among its key features is a quad core processor with a whopping 1.5GHz clock speed, the latest Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' software, and HTC's most impressive touchscreen to date. At 4.7 inches, the screen is sizable, but it also packs a huge 720x 1280 pixel resolution, resulting in the HTC One X being one of the few smartphones which can display true HD videos. Like the iPhone 4S, an 8 megapixel camera is included, but due to this one being newer, some impressive features of the camera include the ability to capture slow motion footage, and take still images while shooting video. The HTC One X offers the very latest and greatest in smartphone technology, and is rivalled by very few other manufacturers' devices.

The Apple iPhone 4S is without doubt a great smartphone. However, being released some six months ago (a long time as far as technological advances are concerned), some manufacturers like HTC have overtaken the device with their latest releases like the HTC One X. Out of the two, the HTC One X has the most up to date features, but later this year, when the iPhone 5 is released, HTC and other manufacturers will have to do something very special to remain on top.

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