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The Nokia Lumia 900 - A Closer Look At The Creative Studio App

One of the attractive features of the new Nokia Lumia 900 is the excellent photography features that the model boasts. The handset combines excellent resolution with a superb Carl Zeiss lens to allow users to capture photographs of the highest possible quality. Nokia have now launched the Creative Studio application for this model which helps user to create even better still images.

Creative Studio for the Nokia Lumia 900 is available from the Windows Marketplace free of charge and the new application delivers some excellent features to help you create the perfect photographs. Still camera applications are very popular at the moment on rival platforms so Creative Studio is Nokia's attempt to help the Lumia range to rival other phones in this area. The software allows you to edit photographs that you have already taken with the device rather than adding real time effects while you are capturing the moment. In addition to images taken by the phone the software can also work its magic on images from other sources such as Facebook and Twitter. The effects that have the most drastic results on photographs are the numerous filters that can be applied to a shot. These can give the image a very vintage or retro feel and can turn an average photograph into something that looks quite spectacular. A clever element of the service is that it allows users to have a before and after view of the photo so it is easy to see the exact effect that the filter has applied to your image.

A really interesting element of the Creative Studio application for the Nokia Lumia 900 is that it allows users to capture excellent panoramic photographs. This means that rather than being restricted to the content available in a single shot the software cleverly stitches together a series of photographs with the final result being a single image of your entire surroundings. To capture this type of shot the user simply takes a single shot to start with and then moves the phone around while being guided by instructions on screen. When the process is finished Creative Studio takes the information from all of these snaps and creates one single image. This is perfect in certain scenarios such as capturing the view at a sporting event or a local landmark. If you no not want to apply specific filters to your photograph but you want to make minor adjustments to make the image look a little better an auto fix mode will make small modifications that enhance the image without making it look very different from the original shot.

The Creative Studio application for the Nokia Lumia 900 is an excellent piece of software which is available to consumers free of charge. Users have the option to apply some dramatic effects to their images or if they prefer some more subtle changes that simply enhance the look of the photograph can also be applied. The panoramic mode also allows the capture of some stunning shots.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is coming soon and the Nokia Lumia 800 is available now.

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