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The HTC Rhyme Offers Personalised Home Screens

The HTC Rhyme offers personalised home screens with a simple method for adding widgets which you can put on one of seven home screens to configure. The handset allows this through the easy to use user interface provided by HTC Sense which is added to the Android operating system respectively.

The phone keys you quickly and easily manage each of the seven home screens so that you can have the shortcuts to widgets and applications you need and want, and add the personal touch to your own mobile. You can choose and download more widgets, and apps, form the preinstalled Android Market. To add a widget all you need do is tap and hold a home screen, and scroll through the widgets list that appears. Once you choose a widget for example "Mail" it offers a range of styles or layouts to pick. Simply choose one of these, and should you need to change what it shows you can drag the widget to the edit button. When you tap it, you can change a shortcut and then choose a new widget to replace it with also. Shortcuts are just as easy to add, and by dragging items around you can rearrange items, move them between the screens or remove them.

The Rhyme also allows you to make the wallpaper your own by choosing form the Gallery. Snap a photo using its 5 megapixel camera with instant shutter technology, and find it in the Gallery to become your screen background. As with other handsets such as the HTC Explorer you also have Friend Stream integrating social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with al of your contacts, and making it quick and seamless to share photos, videos and more with them wherever you go. Other features include the slim unibody design and impressive range of accessories offered by this handset particularly, along with an array of connectivity including USB 2.0 for fast wired sharing, Bluetooth for easy wireless sharing within a close range, and DLNA offering a easy way to connect the handset to a television for example to watch back videos you record with the device's camera.

Many features of the HTC Rhyme enable any user to do so much with such little effort as its intuitive interface and simplistic touch parameters make every task so easy. Being able to personalise your phone and having a range of seven separate home screens to use is absolute proof of the ease and choice offered by this handset.

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