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The Sony Xperia S And Samsung Galaxy S Advance - A Look At Screen Technology And Storage Capacity

One of the most impressive smartphones we have looked at recently is the excellent Sony Xperia S. This model was unveiled in January and boasts a stunning design with some excellent specification. We take a closer look at this new device along with the new Samsung Galaxy S Advance, the latest phone released by the South Korean manufacturer.

The Sony Xperia S uses a high quality 4.3 inch display that produces colourful and vivid images. The screen uses LED backlit technology which can display a very impressive resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This superb standard combined with the screen size enables the device to show a pixel density of 342 pixels per inch which is the highest density currently available on any device. The display uses the Sony Bravia Mobile Engine to provide the ultimate quality on all types of material. Not only is this screen one of the best available in terms of quality but it is also one of the most durable thanks to a special scratch resistant coating that keeps it looking great over a long period of time. The Samsung Galaxy S Advance display uses Super AMOLED technology to deliver a vey bright picture along with excellent viewing angles. In terms of resolution the model offers 800 x 480 pixels on the 4 inch screen which results in a pixel density of 233PPI, a relatively impressive figure but one that cannot match what the excellent Xperia S is capable of displaying. Samsung use toughened Gorilla Glass on this model which is the same material that is used on some high speed trains and helicopters. This material not only helps to protect the handset from damage but it also helps to keep the screen looking brand new.

The Sony Xperia S comes supplied with a large internal storage capacity of 32GB. This means that the phone is capable of holding a massive amount of multi media files. In terms of music this capacity can hold around seven thousand individual tracks or about ten hours of high definition video footage. Unfortunately the device does not feature a micro SD card input so there is no opportunity to expand on the internal storage capacity. The Samsung Galaxy S Advance does feature a micro SD card input but also a much smaller storage capacity of either 8GB or 16GB. With the addition of a 32GB micro SD card this means the potential storage on this model is either 40GB or 48GB. The Xperia S does offer the higher RAM memory of 1GB compared to the 768MB that is available on the Advance.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S Advance is a great device with massive storage potential the Sony Xperia S offers a screen that is not only larger but also displays a higher quality of image thanks to the excellent technology that it incorporates.

The Sony Xperia S is coming soon and the Samsung Galaxy Note is available now.

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